Ar-15  Mbus Pro Lr Sight Set Magpul

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Matthew James

Great Ar-15 Mbus Pro Lr Sight Set Magpul finish is a perfect dark gray fit and finish is excellent. Better than the one I had in the national guard 1986 . If you’re looking for a Ar-15 Mbus Pro Lr Sight Set Magpul clone you can’t go wrong with Brownells version But for the price they could give you 2 magazines That’s my only complaint

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Author: Michael,USA

Daniel Joshua

After years of Ar-15 Mbus Pro Lr Sight Set Magpul carbines and various spin-offs (all excellent firearms in their own right) I wanted to go back to basics. I was surprised to learn that Brownells was producing various AR versions and decided to take a chance on this one. Glad I did! It's a great looking firearm that is well-balanced, light weight and functions perfectly. I'd forgotten how good it feels to fire a full length rifle. As an avid target shooter, I plan on doing three things with it: feed it good ammo, clean and maintain it, and thoroughly enjoy my range time. Thank you, Brownells!

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Author: Christopher,USA

Jessica Sarah

Love this Ar-15 Mbus Pro Lr Sight Set Magpul, great shooter and love the classic look.

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Author: Matthew,USA

Stephanie Emily

The Ar-15 Mbus Pro Lr Sight Set Magpul is a very nice and best replica of the Ar-15 Mbus Pro Lr Sight Set Magpul - I have owned. This is the Ar-15 Mbus Pro Lr Sight Set Magpul I been waiting to purchase. I preiously owned and used Colt AR-15s both M16A1 and XM177 “AKA “The Shorty”. Recently, I discovered the BRN-16A1 and decided to purchase it. Fast Delivery: I placed the order on Friday night, and it was delived and in my hands by noon the following Thursday. I was able to track the order and delivery the entire time. Shooting this AR-15 is a lot of fun. This AR-15 performs flawlessly and is accurate when tested at 25, 35, 50 and 100 yards. I prefer the 20 inch barrel over the shorter barrels, because additional length increase velocity and improves accuracy and enhances the capiblites of the 5.55 and .233 round. Well Done Brownells!

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Author: Joshua,USA

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